Home Remedies For Pimples

Pimple, the teen-irritant, makes the social life of youths of both genders miserable as it acts as a strong deterrent on their desired personalities. It has the scientific name; Acne Vulgaris and appears at the face, back and shoulders. Sebum, secreted by the sebaceous gland moistens the skin and hair. But, its excess secretion during […]

Laser pointer, Ball-pen and PDA stylus – All in one

 This product is known as TTX PDA 3 in 1 laser pointer, ballpen, stylus. The latest trend of market is to offer a package deal to its customer. Here comes a package of laser pointer, Ball-pen and PDA stylus. Now you can have all these facilities in one pen with the motto of good to […]

Ambient Orb

Wow just by looking into the orb you will get the desired information by viewing the changing color of orb ambience. With this device you will get the information about your stock portfolio, presence of person on your instant messengers. The ambient orb runs on nationwide wireless network. Just attach it to any 110V power […]

Forever Flashlight

 The flashlight with no batteries is a new chapter in the history of light producing equipments. This forever flashlight works on Faraday’s principle. Without using batteries it produces light by applying the principle of Induction and bright LED. The light is shaken for about 30 seconds to recharge a capacitor and it will then provide […]

Flex light for laptops, notebooks etc

 The purpose of flex light is to through required light on your notepad or any document to view it clearly without disturbing other people around you in the dark or a place with less light or when you are traveling. Flex light does not require battery simply attach it your USB port and it will […]

Led Candles

 Fire and the latest trend of light LED has delivered a unique product of its kind in form of LED candles. These candles will add some warmth and coziness in your office and at your home and will help you in relaxing. You can use this candle simply without lit or lit it to enjoy […]

Are you also looking for baldness cure ?

 More than half of men of the world are affected by male pattern baldness, and baldness treatments are estimated to be a US $1 billion per year industry world wide. The drug therapy has increasingly become a realistic management option for baldness for men and women. It is easier to prevent the apparent ‘aging’ and […]